[UPHPU] the future of our mailinglist

John johnh at serverserv.com
Fri Nov 14 04:41:34 MST 2003

Gosh folks, I think we are missing one important option.  DNSEXIT.com
offers free dynamic dns.  Just put a perl script (I wrote my own PHP
script) and it updates ever so often.  You can even have it test your IP
and see if a change has been made and then update.  Not a big deal.  But
it's an option.


> Group:
> Howdy, all. We have a decision to make so I need everyone's input. As
> you noticed a little bit ago, we created a new mailing list on Steve
> Dibb's server. This was done because the current mailing list did not
> have all of the features that we wanted.
> We have a problem though. Steve's server is at his house and his ISP
> doesn't provide static IPs (even at a cost). We explored the option of
> using DynDNS, but to use a custom domain (not something like
> uphpu.dyndns.com) it is no longer a free service. And, I don't see any
> point in spending more money where we don't have to.
> So, our options (as I see it) are thus...
> 1.	Move the entire site to steve's server... website, mailing list and
> all
> 2.	Set up a proper mailing list on our current server (like mailman)
> If setting up a proper mailing list on our current server were as easy
> as turning it on, that would be my recommendation. But since I don't
> have a clue as to how to do it and don't have any time to spend
> learning how right now, help would be required. Steve is willing to
> help, but I would (not doubting Steve's abilities) need confirmation
> and support that this could be down without screwing things up on the
> sever, since I have websites that are hosted on their for clients that
> can't go down.
> If there are people that want to help set up mailman on our current
> server and it would be simple, I actually would like to have it running
> on there for the benefit of other uses as well, but this groups is all
> volunteer, so it's up to all of our available time and interested.
> So, everyone please post back (to the old list: "list at uphpu.org") and
> let us know what you think would be best or if you have any other
> ideas.
> Sincerely,
> Wade
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