[UPHPU] project?

John Hardy johnh at everton.com
Fri Jul 25 14:55:25 MDT 2003

I have a knowledge base that I created over a year ago.  If you all think
you would like to take it apart and build a better, faster and stronger
(note the reference to Million Dollar Man. :)  That would be fine by me. 
The knowledge base allows for guest access to search, and after login you
add records and delete records, etc.  I don't remember if I allowed you to
only delete your own, but if not it wouldn't be that hard to change,
because I do track who created it, and I also put in a field to add text
to the record.  I wanted this part because sometimes I need to know the
flow of a process and how I got there and not just a result.

So it's all yours if you want.

Thank you,
John Hardy

> i am all over a knowledgebase! i have collected a lot of info and want
> someway to search/display it too.
> On Thursday, Jul 24, 2003, at 15:47 US/Mountain, Mitch Anderson wrote:
>> I've been slowly working on my own blog/rss news/photo album type of
>> site, because I haven't liked anyone elses that i've seen... I've
>> taken bits and pieces from others that have the functionality I want
>> and I've been rewritting them to all work together...  I know this
>> isnt a new thing, but I've been doing it as a learning thing, as I'm
>> just picking up PHP... And I really don't like how others have written
>> their
>> sites...  I would like it to be something where you could easily
>> modify and change any and every aspect of it, with out digging through
>> code  for
>> a couple days just to figure out how it works.  And each piece would
>> be removable as long as you keep the main dependancy files... anyway,
>> thats
>> my thoughts.
>> Or a Knowledge base would be good.  I've been wanting to write one of
>> those... for my own uses, so I could write down things I figure out
>> and make it searchable so i don't have to relearn/figure out
>> something...
>> Mitch
>> On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 09:45, District Webmaster wrote:
>>> When I think about it, I really probably have a different problem --
>>> I have a bazillion ideas (a "bazillion," written numerically, is a
>>> "1" followed by a bazillion zeros). There's probably a winner in
>>> there, somewhere. Just gotta figure out which one it is . . .
>>> It doesn't have to be a _new_ project either -- we could always
>>> hijack/fork/rename an existing project we think could be better.
>>> We're probably better off thinking small at first, but maybe not.
>>> I also wonder, quite frankly, about the dangers of implosion. A lot
>>> of projects get off to a good start with a lot of fanfare, but soon
>>> the group implodes and descends in to a flamewar. (Postnuke, anyone?)
>>> One project that is of current interest to me is RSS news feeds. I've
>>> been using Magpie, and it's pretty good. I read in the notes that the
>>> developer is looking at adding RSS feed autodiscovery functionality.
>>> Since that was somthing I thought was useful, I sat down aqnd
>>> hammered out an object that begins to accomplish that. Then I emailed
>>> what I
>> had
>>> into what was aparently a black hole -- I never got any comment or
>>> direction back. I've thought about just doing my own implementation,
>> but
>>> haven't yet.
>>> Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now.
>>> Dave
>>>>>> Jacob Fugal <jacob at fugal.net> 07/23/03 8:49 AM >>>
>>> I'm in the same boat as you Dave as far as no ideas, but if anyone
>> else
>>> has any ideas, I'd love to help, as I'm sure several others on the
>> list
>>> would be. Just let us know if y'all have any ideas you want to
>>> implement.
>>> Jacob Fugal
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