[UPHPU] project?

District Webmaster webmaster at alpine.k12.ut.us
Wed Jul 23 09:45:03 MDT 2003

When I think about it, I really probably have a different problem -- I
have a bazillion ideas (a "bazillion," written numerically, is a "1"
followed by a bazillion zeros). There's probably a winner in there,
somewhere. Just gotta figure out which one it is . . .

It doesn't have to be a _new_ project either -- we could always
hijack/fork/rename an existing project we think could be better. We're
probably better off thinking small at first, but maybe not.

I also wonder, quite frankly, about the dangers of implosion. A lot of
projects get off to a good start with a lot of fanfare, but soon the
group implodes and descends in to a flamewar. (Postnuke, anyone?)

One project that is of current interest to me is RSS news feeds. I've
been using Magpie, and it's pretty good. I read in the notes that the
developer is looking at adding RSS feed autodiscovery functionality.
Since that was somthing I thought was useful, I sat down aqnd hammered
out an object that begins to accomplish that. Then I emailed what I had
into what was aparently a black hole -- I never got any comment or
direction back. I've thought about just doing my own implementation, but
haven't yet.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now.


>>> Jacob Fugal <jacob at fugal.net> 07/23/03 8:49 AM >>>

I'm in the same boat as you Dave as far as no ideas, but if anyone else
has any ideas, I'd love to help, as I'm sure several others on the list
would be. Just let us know if y'all have any ideas you want to

Jacob Fugal

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