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Tue Jul 22 19:08:00 MDT 2003

Judging from the response to my PHP|Architect post, there are at least a
few of us out there. Good to know.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of us are highly-skilled
programmers, while others are just learning. Personally, most of my
programming knowlege has come through hands-on experience -- which has
it's good and bad points. Even though I've been working with PHP for
about 4 years now, I'm still occasionally astounded at the things I
_don't_ know.

I wonder, is there any interest in group collaboration on a project? It
might be a good way to hone our skills, as well as do a little community
building/networking. And, were we to come up with anything really
useful, it would look great on a resume. (And possibly be a
profit-making venture? Maybe, maybe not.)

What do you all think? Truthfully, I don't really have any suggestions
as to what such a project should be, it's scope, etc. And I know my
plate is already pretty full -- I don't imagine that anybody else is
drowning in free time. But it can't hurt to have a little discussion now
and then.


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