[UPHPU-jobs] Shipzi Needing Local Back End PHP

Michael Alvarez askalvy at mac.com
Wed Feb 25 13:57:18 MST 2015

Hi. Some of you may know me from my dealings in mentoring local entrepreneurs in the Utah Valley.

Project: Shipzi - Relaunch website, fix bugs, create a demo site to sell & add features functionalityhttps://web.archive.org/web/20140330065008/https://www.shipzi.com/ <functionalityhttps://web.archive.org/web/20140330065008/https://www.shipzi.com/>

Background: 90% of the code is complete. Already tested some with 400 Alpha customers

Our Need: One or two local Utah Valley passionate full-time or part-time Sr. and/or Jr. back-end PHP Developers

Compensation: Money and/or Shares in any combination based on your desires or needs, skills and deliverables

Current Language & Architecture: LAMP, PHP, Ubuntu, Codeigniter’s MVC Framework

Description: We cut out a couple steps in the shipping process and join two existing successful business models in the marketplace into one.

Target Customers: companies like Amazon.com <http://amazon.com/>, BigCommerce.com <http://bigcommerce.com/>, Shopify.com <http://shopify.com/>, NuSkin.com <http://nuskin.com/>, eBay.com <http://ebay.com/>, etc. One sale adds tens of thousands of customers using our platform.

The Team: James Endicott & Michael Alvarez. We have both started, grown, and had several successful tech startup exits.

Michael Taylor Alvarez
michael at shipzi.com <mailto:michael at shipzi.com>

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