[UPHPU-jobs] Contract PHP project at Veracity Insurance

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Tue Feb 25 10:40:55 MST 2014

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Veracity Insurance
Pleasant Grove

Ryan Badger
rbadger at veracityins.com

Contract PHP project
Accepting requirements

Short term contract for freelance PHP developer.

Please take a look at the preliminary versions of each linked document.

User Stories:

Feature List:

This list assumes that we would use PyroCMS. The modules are divided into custom, existing, and built-in. Although we have not firmly decided on a platform, the built-in and existing modules add critical functionality. If you would like to propose a different CMS, please let me know how you would provide the functionality included in those modules in addition to the custom modules.

User pages: http://app.uxpin.com/c8c9ee18ea734886304d959fc5abecead0db2a4d/6433043
Admin pages: http://app.uxpin.com/cbe5abf7dc4252306fa8d307737c05ac344780cb/6408291

These wireframes depict admin and user view screens for custom modules. Built-in and existing modules are not depicted.

At this point I am looking for a rough cost and time estimate and the resources required. We do have an in-house front-end developer and a designer who will provide assistance throughout the project. We would like to complete this project, including programming and QA testing, by the end of May.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Required skills:
Experienced PHP developer
Familiar with open source CMS such as PYRO 

Required experience:
+8 years of PHP development


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