[UPHPU-jobs] Senior Web Developer at Unicity International

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Mon Nov 11 14:50:19 MST 2013

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Unicity International
Orem, UT

Cameron Mulder
employment at unicity.com

Senior Web Developer
Accepting requirements

Unicity International is seeking a world-class Senior Web Developer with extensive web development experience and expertise in architecting, implementing, testing, optimizing and maintaining domestic and international web/mobile sites and applications.

Required skills:
1)	Platform/Language/Framework Expertise PHP 5 (Object Oriented) 
2)	Experience developing custom extension for Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal
3)	Experience using MVC Application Development Frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP or Zend. 
4)	Ability to hand code HTML, XHTML, CSS and XML Implementing and consuming cross platform Web Services like JSON/REST and XML/SOAP 
5)	Ability to evaluate, select and integrate technology from open-source, home-built and commercial sources to deliver a total, elegant solution 
6)	MySQL or SQL Server Amazon EC2 S3 Windows and Linux environments Apache and IIS 7.x configuration Experience 
7)	Have personally designed, developed, tested and deployed multiple web applications, mobile web applications, and SEO-optimized websites 
8)	Understand the mobile web application marketplace and how those mobile applications access and share data with back-end systems 
9)	Understand SOA concepts and have personally developed code that consumes web services (SOAP, XML Over HTTP, REST, XML-RPC) 
10)	Have personally developed cross-browser applications or components with one or more Javascript Frameworks, including Prototype, jQuery, YUI, ExtJS/Sencha, and AngularJS
11)	Have familiarity with source control systems (SVN, GIT) 
12)	Understand scalability and load-balancing issues with rich-media, Web 2.0 sites 
13)	Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
14)	Ability to work in a Pair Programming and Peer Review model where code is shared and evaluated by the team.

Required experience:
5+ years of experience with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and multiple frameworks

1)	Full health, dental and vision coverage
2)	401k with company match
3)	Ability to work remotely with flexible hours
4)	Casual work environment 
5)	Opportunities for travel to train remote development teams

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