[UPHPU-jobs] Mid-Senior Programmer Level 6 at Cranium Cafe

Tracy Diven uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Fri Jan 25 11:46:10 MST 2013

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Cranium Cafe
salt lake city, utah

Tracy Diven
tracy at craniumcafe.com

Mid-Senior Programmer Level 6
$70,000 - $90,000

Cranium Cafe is looking for a strong PHP programmer to take our private beta platform to the next level and beyond. Someone who can brainstorm an idea, spec it out with the lead architect and then make it happen by doing the actual work and also directing workload to our junior programmers. We are not just creating a product, we are developing a platform that will have many facets so thinking three steps ahead based on our collective vision is vital. You will be part of the core start up team where the sky is the limit.

Required skills:
Overall Skills:

Business-tech savvy

Designs for the end user, not based on available tech

Team player that can help instruct junior programmers

Self-taught, self-motivated, change the world attitude

Development Environment Snapshot:
PHP - 4+ years experience
Zend Framework - 2+ years experience
Java (Grails Framework) 

Other Preferred Skills:
Adobe Flex
Linux Setup, Scripting and Administration
AWS/Amazon Cloud Services

Required experience:
•	4+ years of PHP coding, code and performance optimizing, debugging and unit testing
•	Scalability testing, benchmarking, vertical partitioning, sharding, load balancing, caching, server auto-scaling, CDN knowledge
•	Cross-browser front-end development skills (HTML5, CSS/JS/jQuery)
•	Support and maintenance of existing code-base
•	Strong hand coding JavaScript plug-ins from scratch as well as HTML5 & CSS3

Full Medical 

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