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Sat May 5 16:27:11 MDT 2012

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Salt Lake City

avenueUT at gmail.com

Web Application Developer
Accepting requirements

We are looking for an ambitious PHP, Postgres/MYSQL, and Javascript / AJAX programmer to join our firm and assist us in developing, improving, and maintaining custom applications we are developing for market as well as our office use. You must be personable, motivated, and have previous experience developing php / database applications with javascript / ajax & jQuery interfaces. You must also be able to manage your own efforts and provide expertise and recommendations on development decisions while working within schedules and deadlines. 

Please respond with your resume / experience, several examples of similar work, and some of your expectations including pay rate and employment (full or part time), etc.  Also, please provide a brief cover letter explaining why you are uniquely qualified for and interested in this position and how you’ve applied the requested skills (php, postgres/mysql, javascript / ajax, jQuery) to past projects. Please provide an email and phone number where we can contact you for additional information or to schedule an interview.  We will discuss more about our projects once we are in touch.

Required skills:
php, postgres/mysql, javascript / ajax, jQuery
task management
personable, friendly, hard working, and ambitious

Required experience:
you must be a savvy programmer with experience with the items listed in the required skills.  years of experience is not necessarily important, but being able to do what you say you can do with some depth of understanding and ability to creatively solve problems and manage your efforts is important

This is a full time position with health benefits, paid time off, and holidays

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