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Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Salt Lake City, UT

Chase Hutchins
Chase at softwaremedia.com

System Administrator
$40,000 - $60,000

<p>Are you a computer geek stuck in the body of a corporate IT drone? When you find a system performance problem do you reach for the kernel source code before google.com? Have you ever stumped third level support from a major Linux distribution vendor? Can you kick-start 50 servers at once while writing a Python script in another screen? Is you home PC a *nix machine with RAID? Do you have a passion for what you do, and want room to grow?</p>

<p>If this sounds like you, read on...</p>

<p>Software Media is seeking a talented and experienced system administrator to join our team of rock stars. The team goal is to maintain, and optimize both *nix and Windows servers and services. This person should be a dedicated problem solver who can multitask and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced and demanding environment.</p>


<li>Function as a top level support resource for various in-house issues and projects.</li>
<li>Design and deploy new environments according to development team requirements.</li>
<li>Perform proof-of-concept evaluations on new technologies.</li>
<li>Document operational processes and procedures.</li>
<li>Improve, and automate systems by writing custom software (Bash, AutoIt, or equivalent) utilizing crontab.</li>
<li>Tune, and troubleshoot system and storage performance.</li>
<li>Interpret historical performance and capacity data to identify anomalies and plan for future growth.</li>
<li>Administer a complex site alone, and assist in the administration of a larger network.</li>
<li>Mentor novice system administrators and operators.</li>
<li>Follow procedures outlined by SOX and PCI standards.</li>
<li>Evaluate and/or recommend purchases (these recommendations will have a strong influence on the purchasing process).</li>
<li>Share in production support and off-hour/on-call duties.</li>

Required skills:

<li>Strong interpersonal and communication skills.</li>
<li>An in-depth understanding of *nix-based operating systems, including system installation/configuration, file system concepts, resource monitoring, user administration, kernel tuning, package management, and process/control management.</li>
<li>An in-depth understanding of network services--specifically, the ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot TCP/IP-based services such as DHCP, DNS, SMTP, NFS, LDAP.</li>
<li>Ability to take a project or task to completion with little supervision.</li>
<li>An in-depth understanding of telephony services--specifically PBX solutions (such as Asterisk), SIP stations and trunks.</li>
<li>In-depth knowledge of high-availability web architecture and technology, including Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, load-balancing methods, performance monitoring/tuning, and application/exception troubleshooting.</li>
<li>An in-depth knowledge of virtualization concepts utilizing VMWare ESX 4+, including installation/configuration and deployment of new virtual operating systems</li>
<li>Ability to write scripts in an administrative language (Python, Perl, or shell)</li>
<li>Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Windows Server, user administration, networking, Exchange, ISS, SQL Server.</li>
<li>Ability to write purchase justifications, train users in complex topics, present to an internal audience, and interact positively with upper management.</li>
<li>Able to work well with other teams within the company towards a common goal (DBAs, Development, QA).</li>
<li>Able to brainstorm with peers to create innovative solutions to complicated problems.</li>


<li>A degree in computer science or related field</li>
<li>Significant programming background in any applicable language.</li>
<li>Experience supporting Oracle and MySQL in a high-transactional environment.</li>
<li>A passion for being the best at what you do</li>

Required experience:
2-4+ years of system administration experience with an emphasis in managing customer-facing applications and services

2 weeks vacation
medical and dental

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