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jobs at i.tv

Software Engineer
Accepting requirements

i.TV is looking for Engineers


i.TV is a successful entertainment startup located in Provo, UT. We make software designed to help those who love TV find what to watch, and engage with their favorite shows. 

So far this year, we've overhauled our iOS TV guide, launched our own guide website http://i.tv, Aol's TV Guide website http://aoltv.com, and our first experiment in social TV: http://tvrecaps.ew.com/viewer   

Our team is composed of startup and tech veterans, including our CEO Brad Pelo (http://linkedin.com/in/bradpelo), who founded Ancestry.com, NextPage, and Folio; and our CTO Sean Hess (http://linkedin.com/in/seanhess), who was VP of Engineering at AmberAlert.com. Our engineers are smart, enjoyable people that push you to be your best. We are fully funded by investors who have been with us for three years. 

We're proud of our culture. Every Friday we all have lunch and choose company priorities together. We have a lot of freedom. In exchange, we expect the best from each other. 


Good at one or more of the technologies we use:
* Node.js
* Mongodb
* Client-side Javascript
* Html5 / CSS3 
* Facebook Platform
* Cloud Servers - caching, horizontal scaling, etc
* iOS - iPhone, iPad
* Android
* Git
* Code Testing
* Automated Deployment                        

Excellence - Whether or not you're strong at one of our technologies, we expect you to be really good at your best software platform. 

Loves to learn - You tinker. You experiment. You code on the weekends for fun because you get to use something you read about.   

Gives back - a blog, or a github page with a few useful libraries you've created. 

Track-record - You have completed several projects successfully, and know how hard it is to ship a good product. You're a veteran.   

Contact Sean - jobs at i.tv

Required skills:
At least one of our technologies. See Job Description

Required experience:
One or more successful projects. See Job Description

Salary, Health and Dental, Employee Ownership, Fun Gadgets

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