[UPHPU-jobs] Developement Team Lead at blueroof360

Jarad Hull uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Tue Oct 4 14:16:18 MDT 2011

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement


Jarad Hull
jarad at blueroof360.com

Developement Team Lead
$80,000 - $100,000

Seeking Lead PHP web ninja with who can leap tall buildings in a single bound, with or without the aid of JavaScript. We're a small, nimble team of coder who appreciate elegant, simple and well-designed products. Joining now means you'll have tremendous influence over the technology, direction of the product, and most importantly the culture of the company. This is a Full-Time position.

Required skills:
* Strong experience writing in PHP
* Strong experience writing PHP - OOP
* Deep experience in JavaScript (actual programming, not mere use of frameworks)
* Experience Training with JQuery
* Familiar with Linux and its LAMP environment
* Ability to produce highly polished web pages in semantic HTML and non-invasive CSS and JS
* In Depth knowledge of Mysql and its alliance with PHP

* Bonus: Canvas / HTML5
* Bonus: Java

Required experience:
• experience leading development teams
• Self motivates
• at least 5-8 years development experience


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