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Utah PHP Users Group job announcement


Colton Hicks
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Accepting requirements

What We Do

Jumbas is a startup entering the daily deals space.  We aggregate all the best daily deals in cities nationwide and also offer our own “Featured Daily Deal” in these cities.  We filter the deals for our users based upon their preferences and deliver only what they are interested in.  We use a proven customer acquisition model that allows us to gather large amounts of users at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Also, we form strategic partnerships with direct mailers that give us access to local businesses and local customers in new cities.  Our customer acquisition model, direct mailer relationships, and value added to the user’s coupon experience make us unique from other daily deal companies.  Daily deal sites are springing up like weeds; Jumbas is unique both in its business model and services it provides--we're looking for an innovative tech founder to grow with us!


Currently, we have a minimum viable product that we are updating and modifying.  This product consists of purchased scripts and improvements from various students we have hired to modify the site.  It can be viewed at www.jumbas.com (keep in mind the site is being updated over the next week so it is only functioning intermittently right now).  We have around 250 users receiving daily emails and get decent traffic to our site each day.  We have been accepted into the BoomStartup 2011 summer program—a highly competitive startup incubator that selected only 10 companies from over 100 applicants.  Thus, we have an initial seed investment of $15,000 that we will use to grow Jumbas this summer and we have superb mentorship from the BoomStartup founders.  We expect to have over 50,000 subscribers by the end of the summer program (August 2011) and to raise another round of capital at that point in time.  At the end of the BoomStartup summer program, we will pitch to over 100 Utah angel investors and VCs to raise our next round of capital.  Then, we expect to grow the company as quickly as possible in preparation for a quick, 2-3 year exit.

Tech Founder Requirements

We are currently looking for a tech founder who will work with us this summer in the BoomStartup program and continue with the company as the CTO.  The tech founder’s initial responsibilities will be to:
•	Handle continued development of the jumbas.com website including aggregation of daily deals nationwide, the implementation of our own deal platform for our Featured Daily Deal, and continued improvements to the features and user experience of jumbas.com
•	Analytics including website analytics, user analytics, and customer segment analytics
•	System creation for input of mass email lists into the jumbas.com web application
•	Rewrite parts of the application that are currently using third-party scripts

Required skills:
The developer would be working at the outset with an MVC-based PHP application utilizing a custom framework and the Smarty templating system. The application interacts with a MySQL database and is running on a CentOS 5.5 distro, and so the developer should be familiar with command line operations, basic server administration with Apache, and SVN. The system has been modified to use the Amazon SES server for sending out mass emails.
Further into the project, we would like to rewrite the existing application (which is third-party) to use our own code, as well as to avoid any intellectual property or licensing issues. Therefore, it would be ideal if the developer has experience writing full applications from scratch, but the dev is free to use the framework he/she is most comfortable with (Cake, Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter, etc.). If the developer is more comfortable and entirely fluent in another but similar language such as Ruby, this will work as well. Components that are necessary for the application and should be codeable by the dev include good user management (email opt-in on signup, self-service settings), XML parsing for grabbing RSS feeds, regex writing and parsing for scraping basic pages, cron familiarity, and general good design principles. Finally, the dev should be comfortable with and understand the implications of integrating online payments, including how to NOT violate PCI DSS standards and keep things flowing smoothly.

Required experience:
See Required Skills section.

The CTO will be given a 20% equity stake in Jumbas.  None of the current founders of Jumbas are taking a salary this summer; however, if absolutely necessary a small salary could be arranged for the CTO if he/she needs it to stay afloat for the summer.

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