[UPHPU-jobs] Jr. Programmer at EduTrek LLC

Blake Johnson uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Fri May 13 14:40:55 MDT 2011

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

EduTrek LLC
Layton, UT

Blake Johnson
careers3 at edutrek.com

Jr. Programmer
$40,000 - $60,000

The main responsibilities of this position will be to develop, test, manage and support web-based applications that we use internally to interface with our partners. Tasks include: configuring the system for new partners, performing updates to the system configurations as required by our partners. System updates can be repetitive and require a high level or accuracy. 

Required skills:
- Ability to communicate well with others
- Strong problems solving skills.
- Self motivated and disciplined.
- Ability to repeatedly execute a predefined set a procedures without deviation or modification while maintaining a high level of quality. 

Required experience:
- 2+ years professional experience developing and maintaining business-class Web apps.
- Strong foundation in PHP, MySQL.
- Experience programming on Apache & Unix/Linux systems using LAMP.
- HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript
- Experience with MySQL schema and relational structures.

Comfortable with the following development environment:
  - Windows 7
  - jEdit/Eclipse/NetBeans/ZendStudio
  - PuTTY/Cygwin/SSH
  - OpenOffice
  - Firefox/Chrome
  - Thunderbird
  - Subversion
  - Vim
  - Bash shell

Health, dental, 401k, PTO.

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