[UPHPU-jobs] PHP Contractor at Moheeva

Scott Morris uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Thu Mar 31 19:25:34 MDT 2011

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

UT/SL Counties

Scott Morris
smorris at moheeva.com

PHP Contractor
Accepting requirements

Moheeva has a number of PHP projects that will be coming down the pipeline.  We have approximately 6 months of work available in several projects.  We need an intermediate to Senior PHP developer immediately.

Required skills:
Full mastery of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP are required.  HTML, CSS are also necessary, but not as much skill is required, and JavaScript experience would be nice, also.

Required experience:
5+ years OOP PHP
5+ years MySQL
5+ years Linux
5+ years Apache
5+ years HTML/CSS

JavaScript a plus, but not required

Please provide your hourly requirements.

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