[UPHPU-jobs] Backend PHP/MySQL Developer at SharingTime.com

Michael Moore uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Wed Mar 23 13:09:42 MDT 2011

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Orem/Work From Home

Michael Moore
jobs at sharingtime.com

Backend PHP/MySQL Developer

SharingTime is a browser plugin that uses the New FamilySearch APIs to add extra features to the New FamilySearch genealogy website. Everything on the backend is done in PHP. We are working on expanding the features SharingTime offers, and we need another programmer or two to help out. 

Part time or full time is fine. Students are encouraged to apply.

Required skills:
Living in or near Utah Valley (we do meet in person from time to time, and would very strongly prefer to have a face-to-face interview before hiring you). 

On a daily basis you will use:

* Object Oriented PHP (classes, inheritance, etc.)
* Subversion
* Doxygen
* Clear technical and personal writing skills

Some skill that will frequently come in handy include:

* JavaScript (mostly jQuery)
* Linux command line capabilities

Required experience:
We have several things that need doing, some of which would be doable for an ethusiastic student, others need someone with experience with using and designing APIs, daemons, oAuth and more. 

Since we do work with the New FamilySearch API extensively we need someone with an active New FamilySearch account. 


Please include your desired hourly consulting fee. 

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