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Thu Jun 9 20:13:00 MDT 2011

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement


Ken Meyers
info at speakworks.com

Lead Developer - PHP/MySQL/Flex
Accepting requirements

SpeakWorks is a SaaS startup commercializing a very useful instructional technology originally developed at BYU.  This is a ground-floor opportunity – not with a founder who’s doing this for the first time, but a management team that has a bunch of SaaS successes already behind them.

The environment involves lots of self-direction, flexible hours including telecommuting, and a chance to be on the front lines of a highly customer-engaged product team.  If this appeals to you, let us know what you can do!

- Lead developer for web-based software that includes video recording, playback, and database components
- Quality UI implementation from product requirements
- Optimization of both browser and round-trip performance
- Architecture that supports both hosted SaaS model and local server installation

Required skills:
- Solid PHP, MySQL, and Flex coding skills
- Excellent grasp of high-scaling performance on client and server side
- Good understanding of Flash media serving environments
- Passion for simple, high-quality UI experiences (if you don’t care much about UI, please don’t apply for this round)
- Self-starter – this position will have lots of autonomy and will require the inner drive to focus and nail the projects at hand. (If you are easily distracted and/or need lots of other coders around you to keep focus, also please don’t apply for this round.)
- People-friendly personality – as an early engineer, you may have more customer interaction than might be customary. (If talking to people makes you grumpy, again, please don’t apply for this round.)
- Work-at-home environment – some telecommuting will be necessary initially, so a quiet, focus-friendly home office is probably a must-have

Required experience:
- 3+ years solid coding and UI design experience
- Bachelor's degree preferred

Salary, flexibility, and the chance to participate significantly in product direction.  Oh, and you'll have SelectHealth insurance as well.

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