[UPHPU-jobs] Web Presence Engineer at ContentWatch, Inc.

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Mon May 11 11:22:38 MDT 2009

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

ContentWatch, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT

Doug Anderson
danderson at contentwatch.com

Web Presence Engineer
$30,000 - $50,000

Our webmaster has a lot to do and is looking for someone to help him with the company websites. We are looking for someone with a bit of experience making websites that is willing to grow into an expert. This person should have a sense for design and be comfortable working with graphics but also be willing to code something in plain HTML. We don't want a specialist that can only do design or only code a page. The person we want likes doing it all, even if they have no formal training and just learn as they go. The person we want is a self-starter who can gradually assume more and more responsibility within our company. If making websites is your favorite thing to do, please apply. You must fill out and return our questionnaire at http://www.contentwatch.com/company/webquestions.

You will be working in our office in Salt Lake City and will report to the webmaster (who works out of Oklahoma). 

Required skills:
    * Must be willing to learn new things, possibly every day
    * Must be familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL
    * Must adhere to standards-based web development
    * Must be meticulous about website content and presentation
    * Must be familiar with the command line
    * Must be willing to use a version of Linux as your computing environment and tools like the GIMP and Inkscape for graphics work

Required experience:
    * Experience with Zend Framework, YUI CSS/Javascript Library, Inkscape, and the GIMP a plus

health, dental

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