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Fri Apr 10 16:08:55 MDT 2009

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Kansas City, MO

John Westerhaus
jwesterhaus at adknowledge.com

Senior Programmer/Developer
$70,000 - $90,000

https://tbe.taleo.net/NA7/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=ADKNOWLEDGE&cws=1&rid=128 – Senior Programmer (LAMP)
https://tbe.taleo.net/NA7/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=ADKNOWLEDGE&cws=1&rid=125 – Senior Developer (PhP) 

The LAMP Developer will be responsible for implementing new reporting suites, product enhancements, and new technology development of the following Adstation Express products:
Adstation Express - Email: Maintenance and development for our self-service affiliate creative library of full graphical email ads. (www.adstation.com) 
Adstation Express - Search: Maintenance and development for our self-service campaign management for search listings. 
Adstation Express - Display: Maintenance and development for our self-service creative library of co-registration, intersticial, and pop campaigns. 
Additional duties include:
·         Optimizing system code and building of analytical reporting tools.
·         Automating technical operation processes.
·         Assisting Account Managers and other developers with daily tasks.
·         Participating in 24-hour and weekend on-call rotations.

Required skills:
Proven Track Record: Have a successful career history in meeting deadlines, commitments, and code deployment.
Passion for Technology: Excitement for new technology, bleeding edge applications, and a positive attitude towards solving real world challenges.
Adaptability: Capable of adjusting to changing priorities.
Resourceful: Looks for ways to achieve goals with available resources. 
Team Player: Demonstrates a strong ability to support department staff members, managers, and establish collaborative relationships with peers.

Required experience:
·         2 to 4 years experience in software and Web development.
·         Solid experience with Linux, Apache, SQL, and PHP development (Ruby, Python, Perl, HTML/CSS a plus).
·         Must be detail-oriented and very self-motivated.
·         Be willing to work in a highly competitive environment with deadlines.
·         Excellent interpersonal skills.
·         Capable of handling multiple tasks and changing priorities.
·         Experience with large databases of over 10 million records.

Why work for Adknowledge: 
** 90% of benefits paid for medical, dental and vision; 
** 15 PTO days in your first year plus the flexibility to put in a day's work from home on occasion;
** Free lunch, beverages, and happy hour;
** Wear jeans every day;
and much more, be a direct contributer to our company's success!!

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