[UPHPU-jobs] Contract at Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau

Kimberly Dalby uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Thu Oct 2 11:56:50 MDT 2008

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau
90 South West Temple

Kimberly Dalby
kdalby at saltlake.org


The Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau is in need of someone with good knowledge of PHP to implement an API schema to interface our new online database to serve member data to our main website www.visitsaltlake.com. In addition, we need a few changes to existing PHP scripts made to:
- add the member listing information to the "search" function 
- pull specific segments of members and corresponding data onto a page
- update the member search function to pull all results into one page
For the project, you will have complete access to our server and existing scripts, as well as the API schema and a plan of how information should display on the page. Before we can release the API to a non-employee, you will need to sign a non-disclosure aggreement with our 3rd party online database company, SimpleView. 
We would like the project complete within 3 weeks. Complete details are available to anyone interested in bidding on this project. Please contact me for details at:

kdalby at saltlake.org

Required skills:
none listed

Required experience:
none listed

none listed

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