[UPHPU-jobs] Dbase Designer, Programmer, Engineer at Fusionio

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Wed Nov 5 10:47:33 MST 2008

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Cottonwood Heights

johnb at fusionio.com

Dbase Designer, Programmer, Engineer
Accepting requirements

TASK: This is a contractor position and requires a candidate to execute quickly on the task; firstly, to evolve the status of the current database and develop it, improve it, make it more robust and to bring out critical design features to fruition. This opportunity may expand to different areas as the capability of the database increases and could mean that scope grows accordingly, therefore this can turn into a permanent position for a candidate that has the right stuff.

Required skills:
MUST HAVE SKILLS: 5 years mySQL, PHP, Python, Pivot Tables, DESIRED: Oracle, Postgres Excellent communications skills and having the right attitude is very important. 

Required experience:
CANDIDATE: This position is a unique opportunity for your career. We are looking for an experienced, professional database designer, programmer, engineer that has a thorough understanding of database architecture, requirements, ergonomics, implementation and maintenance. Demonstrated performer. This position can be immediately filled.

ENVIRONMENT: Our office is located in Cotton Wood Heights in premium office space. Our work environment is made of dynamic, self-motivated, task-oriented, highly technical, talented team of engineers and programmers. The workspace is inspired with a perfect balance of stimulating creativity, work ethic and challenge. COMPENSATION: Let’s discuss your skill sets and we will talk about the scope of the task and take it from there. 

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