[UPHPU-jobs] Flash, PHP, MySQL - Partner at CarArt

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Thu Feb 21 08:10:01 MST 2008

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

South Jordan

Chad Fullmer
chadfullmer at gmail.com

Flash, PHP, MySQL - Partner
Accepting requirements

CarArt.com founder is looking to bring on a partner with the ability to fix bugs and build feature enhancements for the CarArt.com website.  Depending on your skill and interest level and how much work you do, I'm open to paying you hourly as a contractor ... but I would prefer to find someone willing to invest part-time hours in ongoing development over a period of several months or longer, where payment would be given in the form of equity in the business.  

Required skills:
PHP, MySQL, Flash Development (Need to be able to do very advanced things with Flash),  some photoshop & illustrator, basic hosting support/changes

Required experience:

I founded, grew, and sold CleanFilms.com (which was like Netflix.com).  I have investors willing to put money into CarArt.com, and will take it if needed, but I prefer to grow it organically once I find the right person to help with the ongoing dev needs.

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