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Mon Apr 21 11:32:05 MDT 2008

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Salt Lake City

Shad Vick
shad at lunawebs.com

Web Developer
$30,000 - $50,000

We are a quickly growing web studio located on the corner of 300s and Main street in downtown SLC.  We are looking for a programmer who loves building websites to join our team.  You will assist in building dynamic portion of websites. Our design team creates and codes the front end with valid xhtml/css - we need you to link in the database, forms, report data and any other dynamic content into the front end.  In addition - we maintain properties that need new functionality, new dynamic features, reports or basic web maintenance. 
Several projects will require you to build the entire back end from the ground up using AJAX where appropriate and abiding by web standards. One day you will build a form that connects to a payment processor, another day you'll write a new report to display data for a client's back end.  One week you'll install a 3rd party shopping cart and wrap it with already coded css/xhtml design code and another week you'll build a directory for horse enthusiasts.  The projects and days are constantly changing with new and exciting projects.

Required skills:
PHP 4/5
Tidy coding

Required experience:
2-3 years minimum active web development of web properties. The more websites you've built, the more likely you're experience will add value to our constantly changing web projects.

Medical, Dental, Vacation, Holiday, Bonuses

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