[UPHPU-jobs] PHP opportunities

Emily Bremer emily at cognizo.com
Thu Sep 13 12:18:17 MDT 2007

We are currently looking for several candidates for the following full 
time, permanent positions!

PHP Developers (junior-senior level) in Las Vegas, NV (salary range $55-90k)
These are excellent opportunities in a rapidly growing online technology 
company that uses cutting edge open source tools to develop a variety of 
online marketing solutions. Excellent benefits are available, and they 
provide a great work environment for their developers. Each developer 
receives 2 large flat screen monitors and can run the operating system 
of their choice on their computers. (Gentoo seems to be winning at the 

Sr. Application Developers in West Palm Beach, FL (salary range $80-90k)
These positions are with a company that is developing a social 
networking website for adults/businesses that promises to be the site to 
rise above and become the leader in business social networking sites. 
They are pushing technology to the limit and developing a cutting edge 
technology infrastructure that will rival some of the largest technology 
leaders. They have a casual dress work environment, flexible hours and a 
“work hard play hard” atmosphere. The founder has a track record of 
building extremely successful companies including multi-billion dollar IPOs.

Who we are: Cognizo Technologies--one of the top opensource recruiting 
firms in the country. We specialize in PHP/MySQL/Ruby (everything and 
anything opensource). Our clients consider us their number one resource 
for finding top talent with these skills. If you are a developer, we 
would like to hear from you! The opportunities we have are endless and 
are in every major city in the U.S.

Why work with us: We actually understand what you do and how you do it, 
and if you are any good we will get you the kind of opportunity you are 
looking for! Check out our free opensource candidate applicant tracking 
system CATS (www.catsone.com). This was developed by our very own team 
of PHP rockstars!

If you are currently looking for opportunities, please send your resume 
to emily at cognizo.com. Thanks!

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