[UPHPU-jobs] Web Developer - (contract to hire) at DAZ 3D

Tony Benjamin uphpu-jobs-postbot at uphpu.org
Fri Nov 30 10:31:20 MST 2007

Utah PHP Users Group job announcement

Draper, Utah

Tony Benjamin
HR at daz3d.com

Web Developer - (contract to hire)
$30,000 - $50,000

We're writing web applications, so you'll be:

    * Architecting systems
    * Writing code
    * Testing and Debugging
    * Designing database schemas
    * Testing and tuning hardware configurations
    * Performance tuning and optimizing existing code. 

Required skills:
The ideal candidate will have a very strong background with a lot of these:
    * Linux
    * FreeBSD
    * Apache
    * RDBMS
    * PHP
    * Perl
    * Python
    * Shell scripting
    * System Architecture/Administration
    * Network Security
    * Javascript
    * CVS or SVN 

Required experience:
We're a LAMP shop, and our 'P' is PHP, so if you're not already in those technologies, you'll have a harder time crossing the bar. That said, a programming language is just a tool, and we get that. You'll have to learn it, and learn it fast, but if you've achieved guru status in one technology after another, and PHP just hasn't made your list yet, that's okay.

We find that the best web application developers have developed successfully in lower level languages, so if you wrote a hundred thousand lines of C code before you changed gears, that's a plus.

You need to be passionate about getting things right the first time. You have to be comfortable with tasks that are ad hoc, or need a full SRD. You have to understand that business requirements sometimes take priority over technological preferences. You should take your code personally, but don't take it personally when we ask you to do it differently for reasons of time or priorities. We believe that work needs to be in balance with the rest of your life, but you also need to be ready to step up and deliver in the clutch.

Contract to hire

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