[UPHPU-jobs] PHP Consulting Firm

Galen Earl Murdock galen at veracitysolutions.com
Mon Jun 4 11:28:44 MDT 2007

We've got two PHP projects that we need help with.  One is a 3-6 month gig
with long-term potential for 2 people in PHP and Zend with a Java and MySQL
back-end.  The other is a 3-4 week gig with a PHP front-end (back-end TBD).
Both start immediately and are in SLC.


Both of these projects are with existing customers, so we're going to be
picky about the candidates we choose.  Ideally, we'd like hand the projects
off to a solid, Wasatch-front PHP shop.  Please submit your response and
resume to jobs at veracitysolutions.com.


Founded in 1998, Veracity Solutions is a steadily growing software
consulting firm that knows how to build great software. Our clients include
Microsoft and other software companies nationwide that are re-architecting
their products to .NET 3.0 and 3.5. We have over 20 consultants nationwide
and are on track to grow to 30 by year's end. Our sweet projects can propel
your career to the next level while creating usable and memorable solutions
for thousands of users.



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