[UPHPU-jobs] Immediate openings at Code Greene

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Sat Aug 25 14:46:24 MDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm unsure of the transition status of the lists and the jobs list, so I 
apologize if anyone gets duplicate copies of this message.

Some of you may have heard in IRC from me that my former partner resigned 
from Code Greene last week after 8 months of negotiations and hostilities 
toward me about how we were going to end our partnership and who would 
continue forward with Code Greene. He answered that by leaving his half of 
the company to me, so I'm now 100% owner of Code Greene. The employees 
were tired of the problems too, so we lost 3 programmers and a project 
manager the same day my former partner left. (I'm happy to answer any 
questions about the situation, and can completely reassure anyone as to 
the ongoing stability of the company.) I've hired a new CEO to take over 
my former partner's work, and an office/project manager, but we definitely 
need more programming help.

All that means we are in the market to hire at least 2 full-time top-notch 
web developers. In a nutshell the job is PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS development 
for our clients. We provide very competitive pay, and pay 100% of your 
health insurance premiums (single, two-party, or family plans) and have an 
extremly fun and friendly work environment. There are at least 9 days a 
year we're closed for holidays, 5 days paid vacation per year (increasing 
by 1 each year), and 3 days paid sick time per year. We also offer extreme 
flexibility, giving abundant comp time when you want to work overtime to 
build up more time off. We're looking for the best people we can find and 
would be happy to hire more than 2 if we found really ideal candidates. 
These really won't be entry-level positions, but I think most would call 
them mid-level to senior level developer positions.

The pay will most likely be in the $45-65K/year range, plus about 
$4K-$13K/year in benefits, for total compensation of up to about 
$75K/year, and could go higher for a great senior level person who is 
available soon. The growth opportunities are enormous, and both our 
forecasts and our track record here for giving raises show at least 
$5-10K/year per person in increases, evaluated every six months along with 
distributions of bonuses in May and November. (I can practically guarantee 
that we'll be able to beat your current job or other offers you may have.)

For a limited time, we're also offering signing bonuses, especially for 
people who can start before September 7th, probably in the $500-1000 
range. This is also negotiable if you can start at least part time by 
that date.

If we don't get these positions filled soon, we'll be forced to turn away 
some great clients. We've also got clients and projects who are ready to 
move ahead with projects as soon as we're able to handle them. The way my 
partner left has put us in a good financial position to rebuild with 
complete security, even without the additional financial backing we have 
arranged for if it becomes helpful.

Please send your resume to info at codegreene.com along with your 
availability for an interview, should we desire one. This week we're 
interviewing Monday between noon and 3pm, and Tues-Fri before noon.

If now is not the right time for you to join Code Greene, we anticipate 
the need for more developers within the next 4 months, and for at least 
one technically-minded person with great project management skills, who 
can communicate effectively with both developers and clients. Future 
openings would have the potential for entry-level opportunities in 
addition to mid-to-senior level.

Feel free to call me on my cell phone (below) with any questions you might 


Mac Newbold			Code Greene, LLC
mac at codegreene.com		1440 S. Foothill Dr. Suite #250
Office:	801-582-0148		Salt Lake City, UT  84108
Cell:	801-694-6334		www.codegreene.com

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