[UPHPU-jobs] PHP/MySQL Web Application Developer Internship

Chad Bennett chadwbennett at yahoo.com
Fri May 26 17:00:58 MDT 2006

  PHP/MySQL Web Application Developer Internship
      * Work remotely at your own location
      * Salary and Hourly positions available
      * Bonuses and Profit sharing given based on performance
      * Opportunities to become a partner in various businesses
      * Plenty of Work
  We are a small consulting firm in Orem that is in need of an experienced PHP/MySQL Web Application Developer (with a strong programming background) who is capable of managing multiple web projects. Salary or Hourly positions available paid as an independent contractor. Bonuses given depending upon the success of the websites. You can work in our office or at you own location. If you work at home you must have access to DSL or cable modem connectivity at a minimum.  You must have a set of functional website references to be provided upon request.
  We are excellent to work with and we appreciate fast and excellent service. You will initially work closely with us so that we can explain the projects. Training will be given on the current websites but creativity is important. This job is perfect for a student or someone looking for a professional resume builder.
  Interested individuals should email a resumes (PDF or DOC) to chadwbennett at yahoo.com.com and be prepared to provide a list of websites upon request.  Hourly pay rate will be determined by experience.  We are currently looking for one candidate but multiple candidates may be chosen and awarded small projects to help us all determine the best fit.
  Daily Task Availability: (This accounts for about 10-20% of the billable time over a year) You will be expected to essentially operate as our IT department.  You would be expected to be available by phone and by the internet most of the time between 9AM to 5PM PST to spend about 10 to 180 minutes answering questions, updating databases and/or perform tweaks on the websites.  If you are unavailable and a message requesting help is left, you are expected to return the call within a couple of hours, or early the next business day for messages left late in the day.  You are expected to carry a cell phone and usually be available during the business day to either answer or return a message in case of emergencies. Daily Task Activities typically amount to 1 to 6 hours of work a day.
  Project Task Availability:  (This accounts for the remaining 80-90% of the time) Projects range from a few hours tweaking an existing website to creating a new website.  Most of the websites follow the same business model and allow for reuse of the back-end design and some code. We prefer knowledge of graphic design but this is not necessary.
  *Technical Experience* 
      * PHP - Strong programming experience and the ability to quickly
        learn how to utilize any PHP feature
      * MySQL - Strong relational database experience and the ability to
        manage large data tables and the import/export of large volumes of
      * JavaScript - Competency at utilizing JavaScript to manage
        client-side data validation
      * HTML - Competency at utilizing HTML to create basic website pages
        utilizing tables and forms
      * CSS - Competency at utilizing CSS to manage the appearance of HTML
      * AJAX
      * Knowledge of Server Management (APACHE, PHP, MySQL)
      * Some Web Graphics Creation & Modification (ie: Adobe Photoshop or
        Fireworks - for buttons, simple page layouts, simple ad boxes,
        etc. -  fancy work is done by a professional graphics company)
      * Using Macromedia Flash
  ·        Knowledge of Programming languages. (VB, C++, Java, etc
  Please email chadwbennett at yahoo.com with your resume to apply for this position.
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