[UPHPU-jobs] Job Announcement--PHP Programmer w/ AJAX knowledge

Sean Otto seanotto at qualtrics.com
Mon May 15 17:01:24 MDT 2006

We are a private company that works with many Fortune 500 companies and are aggressively expanding our current product.  We are looking for some more innovative software engineers with the ability to come into an already powerful architecture and design added functionality and features.  This full-time or part-time programmer would help develop our current web application in HTML/CSS, DHTML / JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Flash, and other languages (minimum 2 years experience in PHP).  We are moving in a transition to AJAX and Python for portions of our application and knowledge in these areas is a bonus.  

Salary is $40,000 to $65,000 depending on experience.  Location Provo, UT.  

The candidate will also have the responsibility of managing small projects and delivering tasks, on-time to the project manager. Qualtrics is not your typical programming shop.  We play in a sand box and love creativity and innovation.  If you love to be given a project and have the freedom to play, send us a resume!!!!

Send to: sean at qualtrics.com

We'll contact you for an interview starting June 1st and will be hiring shortly thereafter.  If you know of anybody who is actively seeking a job and might be a good fit, have them contact us too.  

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