[UPHPU-jobs] Hiring PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS Developer

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Wed May 10 16:36:49 MDT 2006

We're hiring again. Sorry in advance for those who receive this from more 
than one list. Contact me with any questions at info at codegreene.com, or in 
IRC or on the phone, if you'd like to chat.


Date: May 11, 2006
Position: Web Developer
Location: Salt Lake City - Foothill Village
Contact: Code Greene, LLC - www.codegreene.com


Code Greene LLC., is currently seeking a full-time programmer /
developer to help build web applications in HTML/CSS, DHTML /
JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and other languages. A Bachelor's degree in
Computer Science or similar is preferred, but not completely
required. The candidate must demonstrate a desire to learn, be a quick
thinker, is enjoyable to work with, and is trustworthy.


Work in Code Greene office full-time
Be able to multi-task
Demonstrate well structured code in any language


The right candidate will work with team members of Code Greene in
developing basic static websites to high-end dynamic websites. The
candidate will also have the responsibility of managing small projects
and delivering tasks, on-time to project managers.


Payment will range from $41K to $51K annual salary depending on
experience and education. Semi-annual raises and bonus will also be
included. Code Greene also has a health benefit package available to
employees 30 days after fulltime employment.


Code Greene is a typical programming shop. We drink soda, eat pizza on
Fridays, we dress casual, and we talk about technology all the
time. We mainly run Mac OS X and FreeBSD on our network. We only have
one Windows box for testing.  We think Mac's are cool, so if you won't
use anything but Windows, please don't apply.


Please send resume and examples of code / projects to:
info at codegreene.com

Mac Newbold			Code Greene, LLC
 				1440 S. Foothill Dr. Suite #250
Office:	801-438-0142		Salt Lake City, UT  84108
Cell:	801-694-6334		www.codegreene.com

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