[UPHPU-jobs] Consultant - PHP/MySQL Web Application Developer

Todd Paulsmeyer tpaulsme at gmail.com
Tue May 2 11:52:41 MDT 2006

*Consultant - PHP/MySQL Web Application Developer*


    * Work remotely at your own location
    * Be available most of the time by phone or email 9AM - 5PM PST
    * Manage your own time for larger projects
    * Bill both hourly and fixed price as a contractor
    * About 700 to 1,000 hours per year of work for this one client 

TNT Designs, Inc., a small consulting firm in Salt Lake City works 
remotely for a client in Los Angeles, CA.  We are in need of an 
experienced *PHP/MySQL Web Application Developer* (with a strong 
programming background) who is capable of managing the account and 
performing all of the service for this client. Work would be performed 
hourly through TNT Designs, Inc. at your own location and amounts to 
about 700 to 1,000 hours a year.  Must have access to DSL or Cable modem 
connectivity at a minimum.  Must have a set of references to be provided 
upon request that are recent clients or employers who may be contacted 
by phone.  Must have a set of operational websites that demonstrate your 
capabilities that can be provided upon request.  Must be incorporated or 
an LLC or willing to create such a business structure.
This is a rewarding client to work for.  They appreciate fast and 
excellent service, yet you are free to work most projects and some 
regular tasks at your own schedule.  You will initially work closely 
with TNT Designs, Inc. and the original developer of the existing 
applications to learn how to service the existing websites, manage the 
databases and best serve the client.  This is an excellent opportunity 
for someone interested in beginning their IT consulting practice or an 
established consultant wishing to pick up a medium size client.

Interested individuals should email a cover letter and one or more 
resumes (PDF or DOC) to tpaulsme at gmail.com <mailto:tpaulsme at gmail.com> 
and be prepared to provide a list of websites and a list of references 
upon request.  Hourly pay rate will be determined by experience.  
Multiple candidates may be chosen and awarded small projects to help us 
all determine the best fit.

*Daily Task Availability:* (/This accounts for about 60-70% of the 
billable time over a year/) As a consultant, you would be expected to 
essentially operate as the client's remote IT department.  You would be 
expected to be available by phone most of the time between 9AM to 5PM 
PST to spend about 10 to 180 minutes answering questions, updating 
databases and/or perform tweaks on the websites.  If you are unavailable 
and a message requesting help is left, you are expected to return the 
call within a couple of hours, or early the next business day for 
messages left late in the day.  You are expected to carry a cell phone 
and usually be available during the business day to either answer or 
return a message in case of emergencies. Daily Task Activities typically 
amount to 1 to 6 hours of work a day.

*Project Task Availability:*  (/This accounts for the remaining 30-40% 
of the billable time over a year/) Projects range from a few hours 
tweaking an existing website to creating a new website involving 20 to 
160 hours of work (possibly more) over two to eight weeks.  Most of the 
websites follow the same business model and allow for reuse of the 
back-end design and some code.  The front-end graphics are usually built 
by a graphics professional.  The need for a new website is typically 
known two to eight weeks in advance of when it needs to be completely 
operational.  During projects the workload is typically full time at 8 
hours a day and optionally more.  The client needs a total cost estimate 
prior to beginning all projects to determine the feasibility and 
budgeting requirements. 

*Technical Experience* 


    * PHP - Strong programming experience and the ability to quickly
      learn how to utilize any PHP feature
    * MySQL - Strong relational database experience and the ability to
      manage large data tables and the import/export of large volumes of
    * JavaScript - Competency at utilizing JavaScript to manage
      client-side data validation
    * HTML - Competency at utilizing HTML to create basic website pages
      utilizing tables and forms
    * CSS - Competency at utilizing CSS to manage the appearance of HTML


    * Managing multiple servers remotely for serving your own PHP/MySQL
      websites via online control panel and over SSH [using PUTTY and/or
      WinSCP for a Virtual Private Server running Apache on Linux]
    * Some Web Graphics Creation & Modification (ie: Adobe Photoshop or
      Fireworks - for buttons, simple page layouts, simple ad boxes,
      etc. -  fancy work is done by a professional graphics company)


    * MS Excel (basic operation)
    * MS Access - to create and utilize Tables, Queries, Forms & Reports
    * MS Access - using VBA to customize Form Event Procedures and
      create Modules
    * Java (Struts) and JSP (one website is built using these
      technologies and may require maintenance)

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