[UPHPU-jobs] programmer to do PHP/MySQL, probably $15-20/hr starting

Mac Newbold mac at codegreene.com
Wed Mar 8 15:42:01 MST 2006

This is an unofficial announcement of an opening with us. An official one 
will probably come out next week, but I figured some of you may be 
interested in it before the "general public" gets their hands on it.

Code Greene is hiring again. We're a small (4 people now) web development 
company specializing in highly dynamic database driven sites, especially 
e-commerce and specialty functionality. Very fun work place, pretty casual 
and very friendly, and we're currently experiencing great growth and 
working on lots of interesting projects.

We're in need of a good programmer (knowing PHP is a plus but not 
necessary). Our prefferred candidate would already have a good grasp of 
HTML/CSS and would have some database experience. A Bachelor's degree in 
Computer Science or similar is preferred, but not completely required. 
We're a Linux/FreeBSD/MacOSX shop, with only one lone Windows box in the 
corner for testing with MSIE via VNC, so if you're a Windows person, you 
may not be a good fit. There are opportunities to take on some sysadmin 
responsabilities if desired.

We're looking for a full-time person, but it could start part time if 
necessary. Pay will probably start at $15-20/hour, with semi-annual 
review for raises. Work would be on-site at our Foothill office, somewhere
between the hours of 8am and 6pm on weekdays (pick about 40hrs/week for 
FT - most people choose about 9-9:30am until about 6pm with a lunch break 
in the middle).

Our last "official" job announcement from last November is here:
Changes will be posted next week sometime. See also our beta for our new 
website which should be up sometime next week too:

Call or email for any questions, or find me in #uphpu on IRC. Send resumes 
to info at codegreene.com if you're seriously interested.


Mac Newbold			Code Greene, LLC
 				1440 S. Foothill Dr. Suite #250
Office:	801-438-0142		Salt Lake City, UT  84108
Cell:	801-694-6334		www.codegreene.com

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