[UPHPU-jobs] Re: Manufacturing Software Engineer Position

Greg Gerber vmsgman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 10:13:38 MDT 2006

There isn't a salary range.  The benefits are Medical, Dental, 401k, tuition
reimbursement, stock purchase plan, vacation and holiday pay.


Rhonda means that salary will be decided based on experience and local
salary surveys. C++ is certainly important as well. The benefits are very
generous for the industry.

Please post this as it will bring more PHP candidates to the job and all we
have now are C/C++ candidates.

THX greg

On 6/16/06, Greg Gerber <vmsgman at gmail.com> wrote:
> FYI,
> We need a Software Engineer to help with our Webforms and Manufacturing
> Db. That means alot of PHP, MySQL experience is needed. It would also be
> useful to have a background in C++, C# but not necessary.
> Here is the official information. If you are interested please submit a
> resume to Varian Medical Systems - Rhonda Bateman.
> Job Number: 5641-XRP - Manufacturing Software Engineer
>   VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS is firmly committed to a policy of equal
> employment opportunity and will administer its Human Resources policies and
> conduct its employment practices in a manner that treats each employee and
> applicant for employment on the basis of merit, experience, and other
> work-related criteria without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national
> origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, marital status, medical,
> disability (mental or physical), veteran status, or any other protected
> class under relevant state and federal laws. *Apply for this Position *
> <http://vmsnet.varian.com/hr/job/job_bid.php?title=Manufacturing+Software+Engineer&job_num=5641-XRP&email=ronda.bateman@xtp.varian.com>
> *View more job postings* <http://vmsnet.varian.com/hr/job/post_list.php>
> Post Date: Jun. 16, 2006
> Job Duties:
> • Designs and develops software for flat panel manufacturing process.
> • Responsible for building, maintaining and integrating software
> systems/applications used in the production environment.
> • Defines the functional requirements for manufacturing processes, and
> designs solutions to meet those requirements.
> • Writes codes for individual components of Internet applications.
> • Other duties as assigned.
> Qualifications:
> • Must have a BS in computer science or information technology.
> • Must have proven analytical skills, collects and researches data;
> designs work flows and procedures.
> • Must have proven design skills, uses feedback to modify designs; applies
> design principles.
> • Must have problem solving skills, develops alternative solutions; works
> well in group problem solving situation.
> • Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
> *Position available in Salt Lake City*
> ***Exempt***
> For this position reply to:
> Ronda Bateman <ronda.bateman at xtp.varian.com>
> Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
> 1678 South Pioneer Rd.
> Salt Lake City, UT 84104
> Fax: 801-973-5059
> Email: ronda.bateman at xtp.varian.com

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