[UPHPU-jobs] SANDY - Utah

Nate Davis nate at medonecapital.com
Tue Feb 21 13:42:50 MST 2006

Company:  Med One Capital
Position Title:  Web Developer
Location:  Sandy, UT

Position Description:  We are really looking for a coder.  Someone  
who loves PHP and is willing to learn new things.  We have some 5 to  
10 different websites that need to be coded.  Some are dynamic, and  
others static.  All are corporate company sites for Med One and its  
affiliated companies.  We need someone willing to adhere to the XHTML  
standard.  We have someone who will design the sites, and you will  
just need to take his design and make it an efficient PHP site.  We  
have a need for complete cross browser compatibility, Safari,  
Internet Explorer, and Firefox.  This is for an entry level position  
to really learn to code.  Not a whole lot of experience will be  
required.  Just someone who knows what they are doing, self  
motivated, and is willing to learn / try new things on their own.  We  
want someone who is willing to branch out and take the initiative and  
show us the cool new technologies that can be incorporated on the  
Web.  Open Source is where it all is at.

Skills Required:  Self Motivated, PHP, XHTML, CSS

Other Skills a Plus:  ODBC / MySQL Connections with PHP, Linux,  
Apache, Flash Action script

Pay is Negotiable.  We are really hoping to find someone entry  
level.  They can work at the office here, or at home, coming into the  
office a few times a week.  It is a fun environment.  Hours are  
flexible.  We are hoping to fill this position sooner than later.

You may send Resumes / Questions to:

Nate Davis
nate at medonecapital.com

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