ajohnson at progrexion.com ajohnson at progrexion.com
Tue Feb 7 15:40:44 MST 2006

Progrexion (www.progrexion.com) is a premier market research firm in need of a strong PHP programmer.   

The right person must have at least 7 years of significant experience with PHP and MySQL.  A solid
understanding of object-oriented programming languages is also required.

We are currently building upon our existing online survey program to develop a real-time reporting tool.  The
PHP programmer will need to develop an automated system that exports to Excel, SPSS, or SAS into pre-written
fields in order to self-generate reports and charts.  Specific experience building similar reporting tools is

This is a rush job!  We expect it to require 30-60 days.  As consultants ourselves, we have everything ready
for the programmer and there will be no bottlenecks on our end in order to complete the assignment.  The
person must have the capability to work quickly and independently (meaning you need to be good enough to know
what is required and be able to do it effectively).  

We expect to pay between $35 - $50 an hour (depending on the person’s qualifications and experience).  
We have a network of businesses that can easily make this a full-time position if the person is interested.  

References and samples of past work are required.

We’re a lot of fun to work with!

The opportunity is full-time or contract in Salt Lake City and will require some travel to San Francisco.  

If you are interested, please contact Adrian Johnson at ajohnson at progrexion.com 

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