[UPHPU-jobs] Programmmer/Developer for mConnects

Derrick derrick at mConnects.com
Wed Dec 13 14:19:05 MST 2006

  a.. Company: mConnects
  b.. Position: Sr. Programmer
  c.. Location: Remote, work from personal location
  d.. Contact information: Derrick Betts, CEO (801) 523-2569
  a.. Description of position:  Continue the development of an online software package to get ready for February 2007 release.  We need to have additional modules built and integrated into the existing system.
  b.. What skills are required?  PHP, JavaScript, Postgresql 8.1 database.
  c.. What experience is required?  Would like 4-5 years in PHP exclusively, plus a good understanding of database management and integration.
  d.. What benefits will be provided? Cash
  a.. What pay range do you feel appropriately compensates for the skills, experience, and services you are looking for?  We are looking to bring someone in for between $30-$60 per hour based on proficiency and experience.  We will start out hiring our programmer as an independent contractor and move later into a W2 position.  This will most likely happen after the product launch in February 2007.

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