[UPHPU-jobs] PHP Web Developer Position

Josh Simpson jsimpson at quinstreet.com
Wed Dec 13 12:56:42 MST 2006

Hey, hey, hey, people.  It's 'dw' aka 'stderr', and my company is
looking for a web developer to join my personal team, so I thought I'd
troll the excellent UPHPU mailing list.  

QuinStreet is based out of Foster City, CA, but the position is in our
Reno office, and the company itself is excellent.  Great work atmosphere
and there's a definite focus on pleasing the employees to get better
work out of them.  

PHP knowledge is a must, along with related web technologies
(JavaScript, SQL [preferably PostgreSQL or MySQL specific experience],
XHTML/CSS, etc).  Work experience is preferred over education, but if
you're lacking in both areas, we're willing to see if you have what it

Pay is DOE, but I'll take a guess and say you can be nearly guaranteed
55k.  Plus, full benefits, to include dental, medical, 401k, disability
and life insurance, and PTO.  I'm pretty sure they offer relocation, but
you'd have to take that up with them.  Also, free food, soda, coffee in
the break room at all times (you can request whatever on our weekly
Costco run), office massages, free gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness,
and more.  

Take it from me, it's an excellent place to work, and, plus, you get to
work with the infamous dataw0lf.  Honestly, what could be better?  If
you make the phone interview, they'll fly you out to Foster City to our
corporate HQ to do a face-to-face.

E-mail me your resume, and I'll forward it to our HR department with a
dataw0lf patented big thumbs up (if you're deserving of one ;-)).

Cheers, hope to hear from you guys.

P.S. I just got a free iPod Nano along with my Christmas bonus.  They

Joshua Simpson
Tel. +1 775 321 3623
E-Mail: jsimpson at quinstreet.com

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