[UPHPU-jobs] PHP/MySQL Contract Programmer

Dan Baker dbaker at efilecabinet.com
Wed Apr 5 13:41:30 MDT 2006

Company: eFileCabinet
Position: PHP/MySQL/Windows contract programmer
Location: Provo, work from our location with our equipment
Contact: Dan Baker (801) 374-5505, dbaker at efilecabinet com
Start Date: flexible (shooting for around May)
Duration: We are guessing 2-3 weeks
Benefits: none
Compensation: around $30/hour (or an above-average hourly rate for Utah 
County PHP Contract Programmers)

eFileCabinet is a software house that sells a paperless office product to
small professionals; mostly accountants, banks, insurance agents and
lawyers.  eFileCabinet has been in business for over 5 years.

We have an in-house website that needs updating.  It is built on
PHP/MySQL/Windows.  All our customer support and sales staff use it. This
website runs on a Windows Server 2003 machine on our LAN with PHP 4.3.8 and
MySQL 3.23.49.  The website has over 70 tables (most are simple supporting
tables) in a single database. The main table of contacts has about 8000
records in it.  The customer support operators use the website to manage all
support incidents (calls and emails).  The sales operators use the website
to track all contact made with potential buyers.

The main need is to add the ability for sales operators to run credit card
transactions from within the website. We are using VeriSign, and have some
ability to run cards already.  The general idea is to allow our sales
operators to take orders into the system (tied to an already known record),
and run the credit card for that order immediately.  You will be in on the
design stage of the new "pages", and have complete project control.
You will work at our office in your own room. We will provide a
developer-class Windows XP machine and the IDE of your choice (we use Zend
Studio). Normal office hours are 9:00 to 5:00 with a lunch break.

Good knowledge in PHP and MySQL development are needed.
Knowledge and understanding of credit card processing would be useful, but
isn't required.  Our system is already running credit cards (but in an
automated fashion at night for subscriptions).
This opportunity is for contract work, project scope will include the above
items as well as other issues discovered during development.
This opportunity could grow into future contracts as needs arise.
If you can (and want to) do some work from home effectively, we can work
that out.

Please feel free to call me, or send me an email.

Dan Baker
5255 Edgewood Suite #165
Provo, Utah 84604
(801) 374-5505 (voice)
(801) 374-5506 (fax)
dbaker at efilecabinet com 

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