[UGAF] Critiques

Brook Harker brook.harker at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 15:49:53 MDT 2007

I am late on this thread but here's some thoughts:

1. The dude pointing to the chart is your strongest concept. Stick  
with that one.
2. Spend a little more time on the shape of the dude. There is a kink  
in his elbow, and his left leg is thicker than his right. I know you  
are trying to stay conceptual, but just a little more polish on the dude
3. Are you using Futura font? You could try an all cap variant, or  
try a few test drives on other fonts at www.fonts.com. It just feels  
"off" to me, but that's subjective I guess.
4. Not your fault, but "tranquil" makes me nice and relaxed. For a  
training company I wanna see people jumping around the room and  
employee heads exploding etc.! Something high energy!
5. I sketch about 40-50 variants in pencil before hitting  
Illustrator. Just to get things rolling and see how things work in a  
quick fashion.
6. Watch kerning like everyone else said.

Looking good man, you're almost there.

Have fun!

On Jun 27, 2007, at 3:25 PM, Justin Giboney wrote:

> Here is another go. www.poderherbal.com/images/trainquil4.jpg
> In the first and third, I tried to represent the growth of a person
> The third could also be one explaining to many.
> Fourth, well I always thought a sapphire could be fit in so many  
> ways, but I could ever get it to fit graphically, except to just  
> stick it out there.
> Justin Giboney
> www.giboneydesigns.com
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