[UGAF] Critiques

Justin Giboney giboney at giboneydesigns.com
Wed Jun 27 11:18:34 MDT 2007

> "chalkboard."

> smooth arc
This was not intentional. I fixed it.

> Heavier weight

> arm that is more inspired by the font
Changed the arm and used two other fonts with the old arm

> earthier blue
Added Yellow

Here is a new one  www.poderherbal.com/images/trainquil2.jpg

Here is the company information I have been given.

Company Info: Online training materials development and hosting
Company Name: Trainquil, LLC
Company Slogan: N/A

Market Info
Who is your target market: Large corporations with large training  
needs. health care, manufacturing, high turn over jobs
What is the age range: all ages. probably older. mostly executives or  
middle and upper managers
What do they like: they want something that looks solid, says we've  
been around and are responsible and stable
What donít they like: they don't want a flaky company or a risky  

Logo Info
What should your logo tell people? we are trustworthy, stable,  
intelligent, and our technology is awesome
What should you logo not tell people? we are expensive
Desired colors? site is blue, which i kind of like because it seems  
business like, but i'm not too tied to it
Corporate or Loose? more towards the corporate side

Justin Giboney

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