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Claudia Arias carias at franklinsquires.com
Fri Jun 8 09:16:42 MDT 2007

Company: FranklinSquires

Title: Web Developer

Job Location: Provo, UT

Hours/Week: 40

Starting Salary: Competitive based on experience and portfolio ($30  

Job Description:
The Web Developer is responsible for creating database driven,  
dynamic websites,  which will be designed by the Art Department. The  
Web Developer produces programming solutions to help the various  
websites associated with FranklinSquires Companies, using a mix of  
skills and commercial awareness. The Web Developer will require an  
imaginative flair, awareness of current programming trends in this  
field, working knowledge of the latest computer packages and an  
understanding of material costs and time limits, all of which can  
impact on the design.

Appropriate technologies and solutions will be used to meet the  
client's requirements, and by collaborating with the Creative  
Director, and others. By providing quality programming it is hoped  
the profit margins of the FranklinSquires will increase as potential  
customers become more informed or persuaded by the visual communication.

The main activities of the Web Designer are:

     * meeting clients to discuss their needs;
     * interpreting the client's business needs;
     * gathering information and data to clarify design issues;
     * thinking creatively to produce new ideas;
     * using innovation to redefine a project challenge and meet the  
constraints of cost, time and client;
     * multi-tasking: often the web developer will work on more than  
one project at a time;
     * producing accurate and high quality work;
     * contributing ideas and design artwork to the overall solution;
     * keeping abreast of developments in web design and particularly  
web technologies;
     * working well in a team, with clients, copywriters,  
photographers, and marketing specialists;
     * working to tight deadlines;
     * reporting to the Creative Director;

The following skills required:

     * PHP/MySQL
     * XML
     * CSS
     * Perl
     * Flash
     * Javascript


     * Health Insurance

Contact information:

Claudia Arias
Executive Assistant
The FranklinSquires Companies
T: 801.375.4474 ext. 3350
F: 801.375.7707
E: carias at franklinsquires.com

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