Defensive Coding by Mark Niebergall PLUS Coding Standards and Unit Testing by Brian Rogers

Double Header

We will be having two 30 minute talks - a double header! First we'll have "Defensive Coding Crash Course" by Mark Niebergall, followed by "Coding Standards and Unit Testing - Why, When, and A Little Bit of How" by Brian Rogers.

Defensive Coding Crash Course by Mark Niebergall

Ensuring software reliability, resiliency, and recoverability is best achieved by practicing effective defensive coding. Take a crash course in defensive coding with PHP and learn about attack surfaces, input validation, canonicalization, secure type checking, external library vetting, cryptographic agility, exception management, code reviews, and unit and behavioral testing. Learn some helpful tips and tricks from experienced professionals within the PHP community as we review the latest blogs and discussions on best practices to defend your project.

About Mark Niebergall

Mark Niebergall is a passionate, security-minded PHP software engineer with over a decade of hands-on experience with PHP projects. He is the Utah PHP User Group President and often speaks at user groups and conferences. Mark has a Masters degree in MIS, is CSSLP and SSCP cybersecurity certified, and volunteers for (ISC)2 exam development. Mark enjoys flying drones, casual gaming, and teaching his kids how to push buttons and use technology.

Coding Standards and Unit Testing - Why, When, and A Little Bit of How by Brian Rogers

Have you ever merged in code only to find out later that it broke a seemingly unrelated portion of the application? Do your merge requests get overwhelming because of differing opinions on how things should be formatted? Have you ever wondered how you can get unit testing as a part of your workflow without torches and pitchforks being brandished? I've got stories to tell from lessons learned both the easy way and the hard way. I'll show you what you can do, when you can do it, and most importantly why it matters.

About Brian Rogers

I'm Brian Rogers. I used to work for other companies helping them build great things, mostly APIs that were managed with Laravel and served content to browsers and mobile apps. I've gone from the bottom of the ladder to the leader of teams because I had some great mentors that not only taught me directly but gave me opportunities to learn on my own with the goal of teaching my mentors. I'm now a freelancer where I get to write code and consult on various topics ranging from how to architect an API, developing workflows and standards for teams, and a little bit of DevOps.


Alex Clark with TEKsystems will be sponsoring our food; be sure to thank her! We'll have pizza, pop, and cookie-brownies.

Swag Alert

At the end of the presentation, one random lucky winner will win a free 1 year individual subscription to any single JetBrains Toolbox product. Choices includes PhpStorm, WebStorm, DataGrip, or others seen at Thanks JetBrains!

Venue: Vivint

3401 Ashton Blvd
Lehi, Utah 84043

How to get there:

The address is 3401 Ashton Blvd, though some mapping tools put that a little far down the street (if so, try 2719 Ashton Blvd instead). It's the first office building south of the intersection, nearest to the Dickeys BBQ on the corner.

Just come in the front door and we'll be on the first floor, to the right.

The front door will be locked, but there's a guard on duty right inside that can let folks in, and we're really close to the front door, so we should be able to help people get in pretty easily.

If you can't get in, call 801-391-8249 and we'll get you in!

The After Party

We will be going to JCW's for the After Party. Come check it out with us.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!

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