April 2014 Meeting: Abstraction, Object Interfaces, Traits, Namespaces, and Dependency Injection - Cool Stuff in PHP

The meeting will be this Thursday (April 17th) at Needle at 7:00 PM. It will be Mark Niebergall from i3logix talking about "Abstraction, Object Interfaces, Traits, Namespaces, and Dependency Injection: Cool Stuff in PHP."

Talk Summary

This presentation will focus on some of the really cool stuff in PHP that you may not know of or not know quite how to use. There will be examples and discussion regarding abstracts, interfaces, traits, namespaces, and dependency injection. Have you heard of some of these and always wanted to use them in your PHP application but didn't know where to start? You will learn the benefit of each one and when to use them in your existing or new application. This will be a perfect presentation to help you advance your skill-set to include these tools to make your code even more clean, structured, and awesome!

About Mark Niebergall

Mark started coding in PHP in 2005 and works for a company based in Denver called i3logix on an occupational health screening project for employers to drug test employees and candidates. He spends his days coding in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

The After Party

The After Party will be at the traditional location of Applebee's in Draper. We typically head over there at about 8:30-9:00, so watch Twitter and we'll announce when we're heading over.

Meeting Venue: Needle

The Meetings are still at Needle, their address is:
Needle Inc.
14864 Pony Express Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065

Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!

Thanks, Justin Carmony

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