Feb 2014 Meeting: Mentoring Devs Into DevOps

The meeting will be this Thursday (Feb. 20th) at Needle at 7:00 PM. It'll be me (Justin Carmony) from Deseret Digital Media talking about "Mentoring Devs Into DevOps."

Talk Summary

"Lets set aside the buzzword for a moment and have an honest discussion about DevOps. There is the idea of putting more Dev into Ops, but just a crucial (if not more crucial) is getting your Devs to think more like Ops. Most developers have little to no experience dealing with production environments, and helping them add value to your DevOps efforts can be difficult.

"We'll discuss practical ways of mentoring Devs into more DevOps skills and responsibilities. We'll share past experiences & ways to help your Devs gain more insight to the health of production. Ultimately, our goal is to help your Devs gain the skills to help your team achieve better application performance & uptimes. Finally, we'll talk about how Salt can play a major role in increasing insight in your production environment for your Devs."

About Justin Carmony

I work for DDM, been involved with the Utah PHP Usergroup for about 5 years now, and I use PHP on a daily basis. Currently at work we operate KSL.com, DeseretNews.com, Ok.com, and many others.

The After Party will be at the traditional location of Applebee's in Draper. We typically head over there at about 8:30-9:00, so watch Twitter and we'll announce when we're heading over.

Meeting Venue: Needle

The Meetings are still at Needle, their address is:

Needle Inc.
14864 Pony Express Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065

Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!


Justin Carmony

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