September 2013 Meeting: Single Page Applications and Javascript MVVM Frameworks by Mac Newbold

This month's presentation will be a presentation on Single Page Applications & Javascript MVVM Frameworks by Mac Newbold. It is important to note we are at our new venue so please share this announcement with people you know who are coming.  It will be September 19th at at 7:00 PM and then we'll be meeting at Applebees in Draper for the after-party.

Talk summary:

For many years, we've been building web applications in more or less the same way. The tools have changed, but the architecture has mostly remained the same. Single page applications are a newer approach that can simplify your development and provide a better user experience, especially for mobile devices. This talk discusses what single page apps are, how you build one, and lessons learned in a team that has built several in a variety of different ways. We will also discuss the role that Javascript MVVM frameworks can play in Single Page Applications.

Mac Newbold has been involved in the Utah Open Source scene for a very long time, and previously was our Utah PHP Usergroup President. He currently is a Principle Developer at Vivint. To be honest, he is a pretty darn smart guy and always gives a good presentation. :)

See you there!

Current Venue:

The current venue for the rest of this year at The great thing is it is in the same building complex as last year's venue, C7. Here is the new address (and map if you like):

Needle Inc.
14864 Pony Express Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065

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Tags: javascript, frameworks, single page apps