May 2013 Meeting: "High Performance Websites with Scalable Workers" by Justin Carmony

This month's presentation will be on "High Performance Websites with Scalable Workers."  It is important to note we are at our new venue so please share this announcement with people you know who are coming.  It will be at at 7:00 PM today (May 15th) (ooops, typo. The date is June 20th) and then we'll be meeting at Applebees in Draper for the after-party.

Here is a summary of the talk:

There comes a point in time with a website when eventually need to do something in the background. There are always cron jobs, but eventually those either don't scale well, or are not responsive enough. Learn about how to help your website efficiently scale by using workers. We'll discuss the fundamental theory behind workers and how to easily implement them. We'll learn about several different technologies to help manage workers such as Gearman, Supervisord, Redis, and others.

I will be giving the presentation, so I guess I better put a bio here. :P Justin Carmony works for Deseret Digital Media as a Director of Development over He has been working in PHP professionally for over 8 years, and has been attending the UPHPU meetings since 2008.

Current Venue:

The current venue for the rest of this year at The great thing is it is in the same building complex as last year's venue, C7. Here is the new address (and map if you like):

Needle Inc.
14864 Pony Express Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065

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