Seeking Panelists: The Great VCS Debate, Nov. 2012 Edition

In an upcoming UPHPU meeting, we'd like to debate the merits of the various Version Control Systems with a panel of fans and/or experts on the various systems.

If you think [insert your VCS here] is the bee's knees and can tell us a little bit about it and defend your opinion, we'd love to have your help. At a bare minimum, we'll have SVN and git represented, but I'd like to get some of the others covered too if we have anyone who uses Mercurial (hz), Bazaar (bzr), BitKeeper, TFS, CVS, RCS, or whatever other system you think we should all know about. It probably goes without saying that it will almost certainly be a lively conversation.

If you're interested in helping out, please contact Mac Newbold. We will likely end up with multiple panelists on the popular VCS choices, so don't worry about having to do it alone or not being the first to reply. Within reason, the more the merrier I think.

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