August 16th Meeting: Randy Secrist, An Intro to Riak and PHP

Here are the details on our next meeting:

Title: An Intro to Riak and PHP
Presenter: Randy Secrist

This talk will be an introduction to Riak, an open source, scalable database, and how to interact with it from various client libraries, with a focus on PHP. Attendees will learn the basic architecture of Riak, why companies like Voxer, Comcast, and BestBuy trust it in production, and also get some hands-on experience with running the database on their own machines.

The usual details apply: 3rd Thursday (Aug. 16th) 7:00pm at C7 Bluffdale Datacenter, with afterparty at Draper Applebee's (12300 South, just east of I-15)

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