June 21 Meeting: Easy & Awesome Data with Graphite & StatsD by Justin "Rockstar" Carmony

Have you ever wanted to track something and see how it changes over time? Meet Graphite & StatsD, a combo of tools that make real-time tracking an extremely easy breeze. We'll talk about how to set it up, how to start sending data to it, and how to get the most from your graphs & data. Time permitting, and I'm feeling a little adventurous, we'll add some real-time tracking live to a production site to show how easy it is.

The details are same as usual - 3rd Thursday of the month (6/21), 7pm, at C7's Bluffdale Datacenter, with afterparty at Draper Applebee's (123rd south, just east of I-15). This will be an awesome presentation... see you there!

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