Introducing the Utah Apple Users Group

I am pleased to announce the formation of a new local users group: The Utah Apple Users Group. We are a group of technophiles that use—and even cherish—products designed by Apple in California. We mainly exist simply as a mailing list where we converse and assist each other.

The state currently has two other related user groups—the BYU Macintosh Users Group and the Utah Macintosh Users Group—but both are affiliated with universities and thus governed by external policies and politics.They are also Macintosh groups, whereas this group covers all things Apple; and, as you are probably aware, Apple has recently expanded it's product line in significant areas other than their Macintosh computer. UMUG also doesn't have a mailing list and their forum has been offline for a long time. So, wether you're a photographer using Aperture, a home theater nut hooking up your Apple TV, an entrepreneur using an iPhone, or a novice with a new iPod, jump on our mailing list and lets chat. We want everyone to feel welcome wether you are a student, a professional, or anyone else.

We do not plan on coordinating any events; we're going to keep this simple. A website will be coming soon with syndicated news and events and we have an IRC channel for chatting in real time. Join the mailing list by sending an email to

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